Sea Attack: Tourist Activities in Coastal Areas Will Be Temporarily Banned

The District Disaster Management Authority has instructed the District Tourism Promotion Council to temporarily prohibit tourism activities in the coastal areas of the district in light of the sea attack. Thiruvananthapuram, Neyyatinkara, Varkala, and Chirainkeez Tehsildars, encompassing the coastal region, have also been urged to remain vigilant in this matter.

Implications of Repealing the Industrial Disputes (Haryana Amendment)

The revocation by this Act shall not impinge on any other legislation in which the annulled enactment has been utilized, integrated, or referenced; and this Act shall not alter the legality, illegality, impact, or repercussions of anything already executed or endured, or any entitlement, ownership, duty, or liability already obtained, accrued, or undertaken, or any solution or procedure concerning it, or any absolution or release from any debt, punishment, duty, liability, assertion, or requirement, or any compensation already provided, or the verification of any past action or event.

IFSCA (Vault Manager) Amendment Circular

The amendment provides that a registered Vault Manager may make an application in such form and manner as may be specified by the Authority for registration of additional vault(s) under its existing registration.

SEBI Complaint Redress System (SCORES 2.0)

Every complaint shall go through two levels of review: First review by the ‘Designated Body’ if the investor is dissatisfied with the resolution provided by the concerned regulated entity. Second review by SEBI if the investor is still dissatisfied after the first review.

New Seed Varieties Notified for All-India Production and Sale

The Government of India has announced the regulation of seed quality for specific crop varieties. This notification aims to ensure the availability of high-quality seeds for farmers across the country. The notification paves the way for these seeds to be sold for agricultural purposes.

NPPA Revises Ceiling Price of Specified Scheduled Formulations

The orders specify several lists of medicines whose ceiling prices have been revised. The new prices have been provided in the order as against the dosage form & strength and unit of medicines. They take into account a minimal increase based on the Wholesale Price Index (WPI). Additionally, manufacturers can approach NPPA for specific price approval for formulations not covered under the notification.