Sea Attack: Tourist Activities in Coastal Areas Will Be Temporarily Banned

The District Disaster Management Authority has instructed the District Tourism Promotion Council to temporarily prohibit tourism activities in the coastal areas of the district in light of the sea attack. Thiruvananthapuram, Neyyatinkara, Varkala, and Chirainkeez Tehsildars, encompassing the coastal region, have also been urged to remain vigilant in this matter. Additionally, the District Disaster Management Authority has directed the RTO, Major Irrigation, Adani, Minor Irrigation, Whistle, Panchayat Secretaries, and DDP to promptly take measures to redirect water from high tides to the sea. This Notification was published on 31.03.2024.

The DMO has been assigned the duty of disseminating first-aid kits and essential life-saving medications to affected households and camps. To establish relief camps in the flood-affected areas, the respective Tehsildars and Heads of Concerned Departments will take steps to access keys to institutions or schools already prepared to commence the respective camps, where water and food infrastructure will be provided. The police chiefs will act to enforce the travel prohibition if roads become inundated and there is a threat of peril due to the sea attack. The district disaster management authority has also declared a temporary cessation of tourism in coastal regions, popular tourist destinations, for three days, until further notice.