Insecticides (Prohibition) Order, 2023

The Government of India has introduced the Insecticides (Prohibition) Order, 2023. It was published on 3rd October, 2023 and has come into immediate effect.

This Order aims at regulating and restricting the usage of specific insecticides, carries significant implications for the insecticide industry and agriculture.

Key Provisions of the Insecticides (Prohibition) Order, 2023:

  1. Prohibition of Certain Insecticides: The Order imposes strict restrictions on the sale, distribution, and use of particular insecticides as specified in the Schedule to this Order.
  2. Cancellation of Registration Certificates: All certificates of registration previously granted under section 9 of the Act now stand cancelled for the specified insecticides. The Registration Committee is tasked with revoking the certificates of registration for these insecticides, as detailed in the Schedule.
  3. Non-Compliance Penalties: In cases where individuals or entities in possession of registration certificates fail to return them to the Registration Committee, as stipulated in clause (2) of this Order, within a three-month period, appropriate legal actions shall be initiated under the provisions outlined in the Act.
  4. Automatic Cancellation: The certificates of registration for insecticides, initially granted under section 9 of the Act and listed in the Schedule, are deemed to be cancelled from the dates specified under column (3) of the Schedule.
  5. State Government Responsibilities: Every State Government is entrusted with the responsibility of taking necessary actions under the provisions of the Act and the rules formulated under it for the effective implementation of this Order within their respective regions.


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