LPG Crematorium ground under the Singara Chennai 2.0 Scheme.

This is to notify that in Alandur Balakrishnapuram Zonal Cremation ground has been converted into LPG crematorium ground under the singara chennai 2.0 scheme. The main motive of this conversion is to reduce the pollution and to decrease the time for the whole process. This Press release from Greater Chennai Corporation was released on the date of 15/11/2023.

It takes 12-16 hours for the skin of deceased to get the ashes when it is burnt through firewoods. while it takes 4 hours in electric crematorium but in case of LPG crematorium an average of 45 minutes is needed to finish the whole process. As per rough estimates from the corporation, around 500 kgs of wood is needed to burn a full body and it will cause environmental pollution as well. LPG Cremation ground will eradicate this process and it will reduce emission levels as well. As per a UN report, around 5 lakh tonnes of ash and eight million tonnes of carbon dioxide is produced through firewood cremation in the country. The main benefit of using LPG for cremation services includes control of air pollution and they are recovered as thermal energy used for space heating of the funeral chapel, or other facilities or for distribution into local district heating networks. LPG Crematory is more economic, efficient and eco-friendly and other important benefit is lower fuel consumption. The cremation stage is ready for use from 20/11/2023 in alandur balakrishnapuram zone for public use.