Master Circular for ESG Rating Providers

SEBI on July 12, 2023 has issued a Master Circular for ESG Rating Providers(ERPs). The master circular provides that an ERP shall offer at least the following ESG rating products:

  1. ESG Rating
  2. Transition or Parivartan
  3. Combined Score
  4. Core ESG Rating
  5. Core Transition or Parivartan Score
  6. Core Combined Score

In the interest of clarity to market participants, it is mandated that ESG ratings shall be provided on a scale of 0 –100, where 100 represents the maximum score. For existing outstanding ESG ratings, the ERPs shall disclose new rating symbols and definitions on their websites and update their rating lists on their websites. For various ESG rating products (ESG rating, core ESG rating, transition or Parivartan score, other ESG rating products), ERPs shall ensure use of suitable nomenclature (use of prefixes or suffixes, etc.) that enables the end user(s) to differentiate ESG rating products from each other.