National Commission for Homoeopathy (General) Regulations, 2023

The National Commission for Homoeopathy has recently unveiled the National Commission for Homoeopathy (General) Regulations, 2023. These regulations supersede the Central Council of Homoeopathy (General) Regulations, 1973. The regulations shall come into force from December 4, 2023.

The regulations refine the governance and collaboration aspects within the field of homoeopathy. According to the newly established regulations the National Commission for Homoeopathy’s office will be headquartered in New Delhi.

One notable provision outlines the schedule for Commission meetings, emphasizing that the Commission shall convene at least once every quarter. The Chairperson will determine the time and place for these meetings. The Secretary, under the Chairperson’s direction, will issue notices and preliminary agenda papers to members at least seven days in advance through email or registered post. During the meeting, the Secretary or another officer authorized by the Chairperson will record proceedings and prepare meeting minutes.

The regulations also address objections regarding the correctness of meeting minutes. If any objection is received within fifteen days of the receipt of minutes from the Members, the objection, along with the minutes, will be presented before the Commission for discussion or circulated again for confirmation.

In a notable collaborative effort, the regulations mandate a joint sitting of the National Commission for Homoeopathy, the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine, and the National Medical Commission at least once a year. This initiative aims to enhance collaboration and interface between homoeopathy, Indian System of Medicine, and modern medicine.

Autonomous Boards, including the Board of Ethics and Registration for Homoeopathy, Homoeopathy Education Board, and Medical Assessment and Rating Board for Homoeopathy, are required to meet at least once a month to fulfill their assigned functions under the Act.

The Advisory Council for Homoeopathy, chaired by the ex-officio Chairperson of the Commission, is set to convene at least twice a year. The Council plays a crucial role in providing strategic guidance to the Commission.

Additionally, the Commission is empowered to engage experts and professionals in various fields such as medical education in homoeopathy, public health, management, economics, accreditation, patient advocacy, health research, science and technology, administration, finance, accounts, or law.

These regulations underscore the commitment of the National Commission for Homoeopathy to strengthen governance, collaboration, and overall standards within the field, fostering a dynamic and well-regulated environment for homoeopathic practices in the country.