National Commission For Homoeopathy Introduces New Regulations for Examinations

The National Commission for Homoeopathy has issued the “National Commission for Homoeopathy (National Examinations in Homoeopathy) Regulations, 2023.” These regulations, dated November 22, 2023, have come into effect from November 28, 2023.

The regulations outline the establishment of an independent “Examination Cell” tasked with coordinating and conducting various examinations. The Examination Cell is mandated to verify data submitted by medical institutions, ensuring compliance with specified criteria. These include adherence to the format specified by the Commission, recognition by the Medical Assessment and Rating Board for Homoeopathy, adherence to intake capacity limits, and admission through authorized counseling authorities.

Failure to submit accurate data may result in penalties, with medical colleges facing fines of Rs. 1,00,000 per day for non-compliance. The Examination Cell is further responsible for submitting data verification reports, facilitating the allocation of unique Ayush Identity Documents to approved candidates.

The composition of the Examination Cell includes a Controller of Examinations and a Deputy Controller of Examinations, each with defined duties and responsibilities. The Controller of Examinations is entrusted with planning and executing examination-related activities, coordinating with agencies, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the Examination Cell.

The regulations also introduce specific examinations, such as the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test for Homoeopathy, the National Exit Test, the All India Ayush Post-Graduate Entrance Test, and the National Teacher’s Eligibility Test. These exams, governed by the Commission, serve various purposes, including admission to undergraduate and postgraduate courses, licensing for medical practice, and eligibility for teaching positions in Homoeopathy.

The National Exit Test, conducted biannually in February and August, evaluates clinical competency. Successful candidates must fulfill internship requirements and adhere to criteria specified by the Board of Ethics and Registration for Homoeopathy to practice as registered medical practitioners.

The All India Ayush Post-Graduate Entrance Test, held annually in April, assesses eligibility for postgraduate courses. Additionally, the National Teacher’s Eligibility Test evaluates individuals seeking teaching positions in Homoeopathy, emphasizing aptitude, communication skills, and teaching abilities.

The regulations underscore the importance of compliance with eligibility criteria and the essential role of these examinations in shaping the future of Homoeopathic practitioners. Candidates are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the detailed regulations issued by the National Commission for Homoeopathy.