New Industrial Siting Guidelines Issued In Telangana

The Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) has established new siting guidelines for industrial units in Telangana. These guidelines aim to balance industrial development with environmental and community concerns. The guidelines are based on the recommendations of the technical committee of experts.

  • The number of houses or population density determines a “habitation” for siting purposes.
  • 40 houses or a population exceeding 200 people form a habitation.
  • Industries near scattered houses (less than 40 or population of 200) might require additional safeguards based on project specifics.

Distance from Water Bodies
  • Minimum distances from rivers, lakes, and notified water bodies are specified for different industry categories based on pollution potential:
    • Red Category (highly polluting): 500 meters upstream (air & water)
    • Orange Category (moderately polluting): 300 meters upstream (air & water)
    • Green Category (relatively less polluting): 200 meters upstream
  • Industries with boilers exceeding 5 TPH capacity must maintain a minimum distance of 300 meters from the water body’s full tank level (FTL).
  • Projects within 500 meters of a water body require a NOC from the Irrigation and Command Area Development (I&CAD) department to ensure no obstruction of natural drainage.
  • All constructions or industries must maintain a 30-meter buffer zone from feeder channels of water bodies.

Mining Project Siting
  • A minimum distance of 200 meters from habitations, educational institutions, healthcare centers, religious sites, archaeological monuments, and other sensitive areas applies for mining projects with blasting activities. This distance reduces to 100 meters without blasting.
  • The same distance requirements (200 meters with blasting, 100 meters without) apply for mining projects concerning water bodies.

General Distance Criteria (Where Specific Guidelines Don’t Exist):
  • Red Category industries: 500 meters
  • Orange Category industries: 300 meters
  • Industries with boilers exceeding 5 TPH capacity: 300 meters
  • Green Category industries: 200 meters

  • These guidelines apply only to new industrial units or construction projects.
  • Existing projects with prior environmental clearances are exempt.
  • Industrial zones, parks, IDAs (Industrial Development Authorities), and SEZs (Special Economic Zones) have their own siting regulations.