NMC creates Communication Channels for AEBAS, HMIS and CCTV Implementation

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has established dedicated communication channels for stakeholders to submit queries related to the Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS), Hospital Management Integration System (HMIS), and CCTV cameras. A notice to this effect was issued on 14th November, 2023.

The NMC seeks to address concerns from stakeholders and facilitate smoother implementation systems in medical colleges and institutions.

Moreover, the NMC has acknowledged the significance of these systems in enhancing efficiency, security, and overall management within medical establishments. To streamline the query resolution process, stakeholders can direct their inquiries to the following dedicated email IDs based on the subject of their concern:

  1. AEBAS related help, queries & support: support.aebas@nmc.org.in
  2. HMIS dashboard related help, queries & support: support.hmis@nmc.org.in
  3. CCTV/command control dashboard related help, queries & support: support.cctv@nmc.org.in

This initiative aims to provide a structured and responsive platform for stakeholders to seek guidance, address concerns, and obtain support regarding the mentioned systems.

Additionally, the NMC invites stakeholders to test and provide feedback on the beta version of the HMIS Portal. Stakeholders can direct queries related to login IDs and passwords for the beta version to support.hmis@nmc.org.in.

The NMC aims to address queries promptly, foster collaboration between the commission and stakeholders through clear communication channels. This will help in the successful implementation of these systems.