Notification of Public and Paid Holiday for Lok Sabha Election in Sikkim

The Government of Sikkim on 26th March, 2024, issued a notification declaring 19th April, 2024, as a public and paid holiday for all employees in Sikkim. This declaration is in accordance with a mandate of a paid holiday for employees on the day of the General Election to the Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assembly of Sikkim. 

The provision ensures that every person employed in any business, trade, or establishment and entitled to vote at the election shall be granted a holiday, with no deduction or abatement of wages. The section also outlines penalties for employers who contravene these provisions and clarifies that even electors working outside the constituency but ordinarily resident and registered there are entitled to the benefit of a paid holiday.

Furthermore, the notification extends the entitlement of a holiday and wages on the polling day to daily wage and casual workers.