Paid Holiday Declared for General Election 2024 in Madhya Pradesh

The Government of Madhya Pradesh on the 20th of March, 2024 in regards to the paid holiday provided on the occasion of the upcoming Lok Sabha Election. In an unprecedented move, the poll day on 19th April, 2024 (Friday), 26th April, 2024 (Friday), 7th May, 2024 (Tuesday), and 13th May, 2024 (Monday) were declared as public holidays on account of General Elections to Lok Sabha, 2024.
This decision was made to enable every person employed in any business, trade, industrial undertakings or any other establishments in the state to exercise their franchise in the General Election. This includes those who work on shift basis; daily wage / casual workers shall also be entitled for the holiday and wages on the poll day.
This historic decision is a significant step towards strengthening the democratic process in Madhya Pradesh. It not only acknowledges the importance of every single vote but also ensures that the working population is not deprived of their right to vote due to work commitments.