Procedure for online submission of eTDS/ TCS statement

Directorate of Income Tax (Systems) on 04, June, 2019 via Notification No.1 0 12019 released the procedure for online submission of e-TDS/ TCS returns and registration in the e-filing portal.

The procedure released states the following:

The deductors / collectors have been given the alternative of filing e-TDS/TCS returns via online filings through e-filing portal or submission at TIN Facilitation Centres.

The procedure for the online filing of the e- TDS/TCS statement via the e-filing portal is provided as under:


The “Tax Deductor & Collector” holding a Valid TAN should register themselves on the e-filing website to file the eTDS/ TCS return.


The Return Preparation Utility (RPU) to prepare the TDS/TCS Statement and File Validation Utility(FVU) can be downloaded from the tin-nsdl website (https:/

The statement needs to be uploaded as a zip file and be submitted using either Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) or Electronic Verification Code (EVC).

For DSC mode, the signature for the zip file can be generated using the DSC Management Utility which is available under Downloads in the e-Filing website

The deductor/collector can also e-Verify using EVC.


The deductor/collector is to login to the e-filing website using TAN and go to TDS -upload TDS. Then, the deductor/collector would  upload the “Zip” file along with either the signature file or the EVC.

The uploaded file shall be processed and validated. Upon the processing and validation of the uploaded file, either “Accepted” or “Rejected “option would be displayed. This status of the uploaded file  will be reflected within 24 hours from the time of upload.

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