SEBI Clarification regarding Online processing of investor service requests and complaints by RTAs

SEBI vide circular June 08, 2023 has issued clarification regarding Online processing of investor service requests and complaints by RTAs. Holders of physical security certificates are required to submit various documents to the RTAs with respect to various service requests/ complaints.

It is proposed to digitize this process in two phases and provide a mechanism for the investor to lodge service requests and complaints online and thereafter track the status and obtain periodical updates which would, inter-alia, confer the following benefits:

  1. Database for service requests and complaints;
  2. Online acknowledgement and intimation to the investor;
  3. Online tracking of status of service requests and complaints by investors.

Phase I of the Online Portal

All RTAs servicing listed companies shall have a functional website. Such website shall mandatorily display the following information:

  1. Basic details of the RTA such as registration number, registered address of Head Office and branches, if any.
  2. Names and contact details such as email ids etc. of key managerial personnel (KMPs) including compliance officer in the format provided at Annexure-A.
  3. Step-by-step procedures for various service requests, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), procedure for filing a complaint and finding out the status of the complaint, etc.

Phase II of the Online Portal

A common website shall be made and operated by QRTAs from July 01, 2024 through which investors shall be redirected to individual web-based portal/website of the concerned RTA for further resolution by putting the name of the listed company. This website shall have the functionality of adding companies/ RTAs to its search list as and when required.