Special Paid Holidays Declaration for Upcoming Elections in Himachal Pradesh

The notification dated 03rd April, 2024, issued by the Government of Himachal Pradesh declares several special paid holidays in light of various upcoming elections. Firstly, June 1, 2024, is designated as a gazetted holiday for the Himachal Pradesh General Election to Lok Sabha-2024 and Bye-elections to the Legislative Assembly, ensuring that employees have the opportunity to vote. 

Additionally, special paid holidays are specified for the poll days of registered voters from neighboring states such as Punjab 01st June, 2024), Jammu & Kashmir (19th April, 2024), Haryana (25th May, 2024), Uttarakhand (19th april, 2024), and Uttar Pradesh (19th april, 2024) working in the border areas of Himachal Pradesh. These dates 

These special paid holidays are also extended to government, semi-government, and industrial establishment employees who are registered voters of the aforementioned states and union territories. 

Furthermore, it is emphasized that special casual leave may be granted to employees working in different places within Himachal Pradesh but have the right to vote in other constituencies/places. This is contingent upon the production of a certificate from the concerned Presiding Officer confirming the casting of their vote.

The issuance also includes instructions for commercial and industrial establishments, shops, and factories in Himachal Pradesh to comply with the declaration of paid holidays. Additionally, the notification outlines the process of granting special casual leave to employees who have the right to vote in other constituencies/places within the state and emphasizes the need for the production of a certificate from the concerned Presiding Officer to avail of the paid holiday.