Electrical Safety Handbook For Students

Prepared by the National Federation of Engineers for Electrical Safety (NFEES), this handbook serves as a resource for students, educators, and parents. It covers essential topics like basic electrical principles, hazard identification, and preventive measures, presented in an accessible and engaging way.

PFCCL Is Appointed As Bid-Process Coordinators for Specified Transmission Schemes

The National Committee on Transmission (NCT) has announced the appointment of PFC Consulting Limited (PFCCL) as Bid-Process Coordinators (BPC) for Augmentation of Transformation Capacity at Bhuj-II PS (GIS) and Eastern Region Generation Scheme-I (ERGS-I). The move aims to streamline and facilitate the bid processes for the specified schemes, each with its unique implementation timeframe and scope.

CEA Unveils Phasing Plan for Flexible Operation of Coal-based Thermal Generating Units

This phased approach aims to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of coal-based thermal generating units, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient power infrastructure in India. The detailed plan provides a roadmap for utilities to systematically upgrade their facilities over the coming years, ensuring the smooth integration of flexible operational capabilities.

Guidelines on Design, Construction, O&M and Annual Certification of Coal Ash Ponds

The Guidelines state that because of economic viability, thermal power stations most widely dispose both precipitated fly ash and bottom ash together as a slurry to the pond in which it stored for a longer period. Therefore safe disposal and gainful utilization are the prime concerns to safe guard the interest of environmental system.