Measures Ensure Adequate Power Supply In The Summer

To cater to the projected peak demand of 235-240 GW during May and June, the government has taken further actions to ensure smooth power supply. These measures include boost in gas power, hydropower optimization, thermal plant efficiency and increase in wind power.

Efficiency Gains & Upgradation Initiatives in Power Sector

The Union Minister for Power and New & Renewable Energy has underscored the importance of annual maintenance and periodic upkeep in ensuring the seamless operation of power plants, including thermal and hydro facilities. The Minister highlighted the continuous efforts in Renovation & Modernisation (R&M) and Upgradation as a cost-effective means of optimizing energy resources through efficiency improvements, better availability, and capacity augmentation.

Ministries of Coal and New & Renewable Energy Join Forces to Boost Green Energy Initiatives

Under this cooperative framework, the MNRE will extend its support by providing technical expertise, policy guidance, and capacity-building assistance. Simultaneously, the Ministry of Coal will facilitate the availability of land and capital while actively participating in the implementation of solar energy, green hydrogen, and various other renewable energy projects.

Procedure for Implementation of Uniform Renewable Energy Tariff

The duration of each central pool will be five years, and all capacity for which Power Supply Agreements (PSAs) are signed within this period will become part of the central pool. After the end of five years, no new capacity will be added, but the existing capacity will remain part of the pool until the expiration of their respective agreements.