Tamil Nadu government revises facilities for creches required under maternity benefit rules

The Government of Tamil Nadu through notification dated 13 January, 2021 has enacted amendment to the Tamil Nadu Maternity Benefit Rules, 1967. The amendment provides that every establishment having fifty or more employees shall have the facility of Creche which shall be provided and maintained by the employer for the use of children of woman employees. There shall be one Creche for every thirty children who are below the age of six years. The amendment provides that employers shall provide creche facility in buildings with following features:

  • The accommodation shall be not less than 1.5 square meters of the floor area for each child to be accommodated in a Creche and the height of roof shall not be less than 3.7 meters from the floor, with heat resistant material and water proof.
  • Fire safety equipment;
  • Adequately lighted and ventilated;
  • Artificial lightning with emergency power backup;
  • Maintained in a clean and sanitary condition;
  • Sound construction with a good plinth.

The creche shall be posted with following staff;

  • One woman teacher cum warden who is qualified and trained in childcare;
  • One woman ‘Creche Attender’ who is qualified or trained in midwifery;
  • One woman ‘ayah’ for every 10 or 15 children.