Telangana CM Reviews Tax Collections for FY 2023-24

Telangana’s Chief Minister recently scrutinized tax collections for 2023-24, noting a significant revenue gap in the Commercial Taxes Department due to delayed GST compensation from the Union Government. To address this, the CM halted Non-Duty Paid Liquor (NDPL) supply from neighboring states and mandated stringent measures, including CCTV installation at distilleries and GPS tracking on liquor delivery vehicles. Infrastructure inadequacies were also highlighted, prompting plans for new departmental buildings and utilizing vacant government properties. This Notification was published on 26.02.2024.

The CM emphasized the need for a robust Sand Policy to monitor sand transportation and curb illegal activities. Swift action was directed to collect fines from mines violating regulations, with investigations into reduced fine amounts. Additionally, long-serving officials in the TSMDC and Mines Department faced immediate transfers to ensure accountability. Telangana’s proactive stance reflects a commitment to bolster revenue generation, enforce regulations, and enhance infrastructure, fostering sustainable growth and governance.