The Central Board of Excise and Customs Introduces eSANCHIT to Commissioners

The Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue Central Board of Excise and Customs , released a circular on 16th July, 2019 to notify the implementation of eSANCHIT processing application among the Principal Chief Commissioners and the Chief Commissioners of Customs, Customs & Central Taxes and Customs (Preventive).

The application eSANCHIT is in operation with the objective of reducing physical interface between the customers and the regulatory agencies. It is a facility to upload digitally signed Licenses/Permits/Certificates/Other Authorizations (LPCOs) at all ICES locations across India.

The application has been active since 01.04.18 and already 27 Participating Government Agencies (PGAs) have been enable to upload their LPCOs on eSANCHIT. This notification shall enable 16 more to do so, bringing the total count of PGAs on board with the application to 43. The importers /exporters/customs brokers (beneficiaries) would not be allowed to upload their previously issued LPCOs with effect from 01.08.2019 as the facility is being fully made available to the PGAs. The LPCOs issued by the PGAs during last 15 days from 01.08.2019 or on a prior date may also be uploaded on the application to enable the beneficiary to utilize it.

All regulation authorities will be communicating with the beneficiaries through the email address registered at ICEGATE, which is a portal of Central Board of Excise & Customs. Board has also made the registration process on ICEGATE simpler based on the email ids of the beneficiaries which they provided for registration under GST and the IRNs will also be communicated to such email ids.

The Board has stressed that as the facility of beneficiaries uploading on eSANCHIT will be deactivated from 01.08.2019, the registration of these beneficiaries is of essence. It is directed that all formations must reach out to the beneficiaries and reaffirm that correct email addresses have been reflected in the ICEGATE portal. Steps should be taken for wide publicity in this matter.

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