The Dept. of Chemicals & Petro-chemicals publicises enforcement dates of 7 QCOs

The Dept. of Chemicals and Petro-chemicals has published the enforcement dates of 7 Quality Control Orders (QCOs).

The Indian standards as specified in the table below against the corresponding product will be enforced on the prescribed dates as mentioned below:

S.No.ProductIndian Standard (IS)Enforcement date
1Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)IS 17077:201912.03.2023
2Ethylene DichlorideIS 869:202012.03.2023
3p-XyleneIS 17370:202019.03.2023
4PolycarbonateIS 14434:199812.03.2023
5PolyurethanesIS 17397 (part 1) : 202019.03.2023
6Vinyl Chloride MonomerIS 17442:202012.03.2023
7Ethylene Glycol IS 5295:198528.03.2023

Stakeholders of the abovementioned 7 products including producers, consumers, traders and other related Indian citizens must take note that the enforcement dates of these standards so as to ensure preparedness in advance of these QCOs.