The Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizers publishes its Detailed Demands for Grants for 2023-24

The Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizers has published its Detailed Demands for Grants for 2023-24. The Demand No 5 specifically pertains to the Department of Chemical and and Petrochemicals.

The Documents stipulates for the following broad categories:

  1. Detailed Demand for Grants
  2. Appendix – XXV Schedule– Estimated strength of Establishment and provisions therefor
  3. Appendix – XXVI Project-wise provision for expenditure on Externally Aided Projects
  4. Appendix – XXVII Statement showing broad details of Expenditure (other than centrally sponsored and central sector schemes) provisions costing Rs.25 lakhs in the Budget Estimates 2023-24
  5. Appendix – XXVIII Statement showing provisions in BE 2023-24 for payments of grants-in-aid- to non-government bodies
  6. Appendix – XXIX Details of individual works costing Rs. 5 crore or above
  7. Appendix – XXX Statement showing Revised Cost Estimates of Projects of Public Sector Undertakings and Departmental Undertakings
  8. Appendix – XXXI Particulars of Government property of value exceeding Rs. 5 lakhs proposed to be transferred / gifted to Non-Government Bodies in 2023-24.
  9. Appendix – XXXII Statement showing contributions to International Bodies provided for in the Budget Estimates for 2023-24
  10. Appendix – XXXIII Statement showing guarantees given by the Central Government and outstanding as on 31.3.2022
  11. Appendix – XXXIV Statement showing Grants-in-aid exceeding Rs. 5 lakh (recurring) or Rs. 10 lakh (non-recurring) sanctioned to private institutions/organisations/individuals during the year 2021-22
  12. Appendix – XXXV Statement showing the source of funds for grantee bodies receiving grants of over Rs. 10 lakh per year from Consolidated Fund of India
  13. Appendix – XXXVI Particulars of “New Service/ New Instrument of Service” for which provision is made in the Budget Estimates 2023-24 23
  14. Statement showing the Detailed Provision object head-wise
  15. Cash Management (Monthly Expenditure Plan)