UGMEB issues New Guidelines for MBBS Course

The Under Graduate Medical Education Board (UGMEB) has released a circular setting out comprehensive guidelines for the MBBS course in response to the recently published Graduate Medical Education Regulations, 2023. This circular was issued on 12th June, 2023.

The newly issued guidelines encompass various aspects of the MBBS course, aiming to enhance the quality of medical education and ensure the well-rounded development of future medical professionals. The following are some of the key highlights of the guidelines:

  1. CBME Curriculum: The guidelines emphasize the implementation of a Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) curriculum. The thrust in the new regulations is continuation and evolution of thought in medical education making it more learner-centric, patient-centric, gender- sensitive, outcome -oriented and environment appropriate.
  2. Manpower Requirement for Research Facilities: Recognizing the importance of research in advancing medical knowledge, the guidelines outline the necessary manpower requirements for research facilities in medical colleges.
  3. Family Adoption Program: In an innovative step towards fostering empathy and patient-centered care, the guidelines introduce a Family Adoption Program through village outreach. There shall be minimum of 80% attendance in family visits under Family adoption programme.
  4. Admission of Students under “Disability Category”: The guidelines emphasize inclusivity by mandating the admission of students with disabilities in the MBBS course. Medical colleges will be required to provide necessary accommodations and support systems to facilitate the education and training of students with disabilities.
  5. Format for Admission Information Submission: To streamline the admission process and ensure transparency, the guidelines introduce a standardized format for the submission of information regarding admissions to medical colleges.

The UGMEB has stated that all previously issued notifications, circulars, and clarifications regarding the MBBS course are now null and void, as the new guidelines supersede them.

Furthermore, these guidelines will be applicable to all admissions made in the MBBS course for the academic year 2023-24.