NMC Cautions Against Fake Letters Issued in its Name

NMC stated that it sends all its letters through a dedicated email i.e. pgmeb.recognition@nmc.org.in. These include, letters of recognition and renewal of recognition. Additionally, the NMC also dispatches these letters through speed post.

Biomass Price Benchmarking to Boost Sustainable Energy

Thermal Power Plants (TPPs) operating in the respective regions are strongly advised to adhere to the benchmark prices for biomass pellets. The Ministry of Power emphasizes the importance of compliance to accelerate capacity addition in pellet manufacturing and ensure a stable and sustainable biomass supply chain.

J&K and Ladakh Issue Regulations for Power Procurement and Planning

The introduction of these regulations aim at achieving a sustainable, transparent, and resilient power procurement framework in the Union Territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. The guidelines are expected to streamline processes, enhance energy security, and encourage the integration of renewable energy sources into the power mix.