Updates in Conditions to Obtain Pest Control Operations Licences

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has published the Insecticides (Sixth amendment) Rules, 2023, revising the conditions to obtain Pest Control Operations Licences. They were published on November 8, 2023 and have come into force from that date.

It may be recalled that the Insecticides Rules, 1971, stipulates conditions for obtaining licence to undertake pest control operations. One of these conditions is that the licensee should obtain training from specified institutions. Through the present amendment rules, the Ministry has updated the names of institutions from whom such training can be obtained. These names have been revised as follows:

  • Indian Grain Storage Institute, Hapur has been updated to Indian Grain Storage Management and Research Institute, Hapur and
  • National Plant Protection Training Institute,  Hyderabad has been updated to National Institute  of Plant Health Management, Hyderabad

It may be recalled that the Department of Food of Govt. of India set up the Grain Storage Research and Training Institute on the 8th December, 1958 at Hapur (U.P.). This centre was later expanded into Indian Grain Storage Institute (IGSI) with two field stations at Ludhiana and Bapatla (later shifted to Hyderabad). Subsequently,  IGSI was renamed as Indian Grain Storage Management and Research Institute (IGMRI) in 1996. Hence, to reflect this change in name, the Ministry has thus updated the Insecticide Rules, 1971. \

Similarly, in the year 1966 the Central Plant Protection Institute (CPPTI) was instituted at Hyderabad. Subsequently, the Institute was rechristened as National Plant Protection Training Institute (NPPTI). In order to bestow greater functional flexibility, and broader reach in delivery against the emerging challenges in the field of Plant Health Management, the Institute was transformed into an autonomous body on 13th October, 2008. It is now called the National Institute  of Plant Health Management (NIPHM), Hyderabad.

Additionally, the rules have also now stipulated that any person who applies for a Pest Control Operations licence to use only Glyphosate and its derivatives shall undergo a special training programme. This training programme shall be meant exclusively for Glyphosate usage. Such training shall be obtained from any one of following Institutions:

  •  any State Agricultural University,  
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra ,
  • National Institute of Plant Health Management Hyderabad, 
  • State Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute,
  • Central or State Agricultural Research Institute ,
  • any other Government recognized University or
  • Institute, Central or Regional Integrated Pest Management Center.

The NIPHM shall be the implementing Nodal Agency for course curriculum and  monitoring of this training programme.

The Ministry has, therefore, updated procedures relating to the grant of licence for pest control operations in the country. It has also stipulated for specialized training relating to the use of glyphosate and its derivates in pest control operations.