Andhra Pradesh Milk Procurement (Protection of Farmer) and Enforcement of Safety of Milk Standards Rules, 2023

This Notification regulates safety of milk standards rules such as standard milk analyzer used for the purpose of determining the quality parameters like fat, SNF and gives results of these parameters within the tolerance range as per standards. The users of Milk Analyzer shall apply for the license to an authorized officer in the prescribed Form No 1 and on a payment of Rs 1000/- for a term of one year. Every Milk Analyzer shall apply for the license within 30days from the date of publication of these rules in the official gazette. This Notification was published on 11.01.2024.

This Notification also regulates about Licensing of manufacturer/dealer of Milk Analyzer, Suspension and Cancellation of license, Verification of Milk Analyzer, Certification of verification to be exhibited, Calibration, Maintenance and cleaning of milk analyzer, Disposal of seized milk analyzes or goods, documents. To find the detailed regulations of this notification do check the link given below.