CPCB Publishes Details on Enhanced Security Features of EPR Portal

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has published a detailed video on its enhanced security features of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Portal for plastic waste. The services of the EPR Portal were resumed with enhanced security features on March 01, 2024.

The CPCB states that all modules of the EPR portal are operational from March 5, 2024. These include registration as well as EPR certificate generation and transfer module.

The list of security features include:

  1. Users are required to update their passwords every 45 days.
  2. The system will not allow the use of the same password for consecutive cycles.
  3. Two-step authentication is necessary for altering email addresses and mobile numbers.
  4. Email and mobile OTPs are mandatory for password resets.
  5. Account lockout will occur after three unsuccessful login attempts with incorrect OTPs.
  6. Captcha implementation is enforced for Primary Information and Business Owners (PIBOs) and Primary Web Portal (PWP) users.
  7. Following changes to mobile numbers, email addresses, or passwords, certificate generation and transfer will be suspended for 24 business hours.
  8. Users must provide unique mobile numbers and email addresses.
  9. OTP verification is required during the generation and transfer of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) certificates.
  10. Generation and transfer of EPR certificates will be suspended for 24 hours after three consecutive failed OTP attempts.