E-advance rulings (Amendment) Scheme, 2023

The Central Government on 12th June, 2023 has issued the e-advance rulings (Amendment) Scheme,
2023. The new e-advance rulings scheme enables taxpayers to apply advance rulings via e-mail. Notably, the personal hearing in the matter will also be conducted via video conferencing mode.

Once the application is received, the Board for Advance Rulings will first intimate the applicant about the allocation or transfer and based on the type of application, the Board for Advance Rulings will forward a copy of the application and a requisition to furnish the relevant record. Based on the relevant record, the Board for Advance Rulings may by an order allow the application.

The amendment provides that if the Members of a Board for Advance Rulings differ in opinion on any point or points, the Board for Advance Rulings shall refer such point or points to the Principal Chief Commissioner of Income-tax (International Taxation), who shall nominate one Member from any other Board for Advance Rulings and such point or points shall be decided according to the opinion of the majority of the Members.