Revised Reporting format for AIFs

SEBI vide circular dated September 14, 2023 has clarified that, in order to enable the AIF industry to have uniform compliance standards, ease compliance reporting and for regulatory and developmental purposes, the existing quarterly reporting format has been reviewed in consultation with AIF Industry Associations – Indian Venture and Alternate Capital Association (IVCA) and Equalified (hereinafter referred to as ‘association’) and the revised format has been prepared. The said revised reporting format shall be hosted by the AIF associations on their website within 2 working days of issuance of this circular.

The report shall be submitted within 15 calendar days from the end of each quarter. The report for the quarter ending September 30, 2023 shall be submitted in the revised format by November 15, 2023. From quarter ending December 31, 2023 onwards, AIFs shall submit quarterly report in the revised format as mentioned at paragraph 5 above.