The Ministry of Labour has brought an amendment in Contract Labour (Central) Rules, 1971

The Ministry of Labour and Employment (“Ministry”) has, by a Notification dated 4th September, 2018, directed that the provisions of rules 17,18,19,20,21,23,24,25,28 and 38 under the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Central Rules, 1971 (“Rules”), in so far as they relate to offline process of making applications and other incidental matters and payment of fee and security deposit by demand draft, will no longer be applicable to any establishment or contractors.

The following process shall be followed:

(i) Application for registration or licence may be submitted online on Shram Suvidha Portal
(ii) any fee or security deposit shall be made by e-payment;
(iii) any acknowledgement or information relating to the matters specified in clause (i) and (ii) above shall be generated electronically on the Shram Suvidha Portal
(iv) the certificate of registration or licence may be granted online on the Shram Suvidha Portal of the Ministry of Labour & Employment.